Christmas Home Decor Tour 2017


Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy my Christmas decor home tour 2017!

Here’s my centerpiece video:

Here’s my ornament collection:

Here’s my wreath video:

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  1. I found your channel this month and like it so much that I keep watching older videos. So here's a Christmas comment in July! Regarding your Christmas 2017 tour video, I have the same Tasha Tudor Christmas book, which I also got from a yard sale. Like you I love holiday books! When my children were younger I wrapped Christmas books as an advent calendar. Now some of my children are in college, and I love to see them gather around the Christmas book box when they're home. These books spark conversations of treasured memories. I applaud you for sharing books with your children — it will pay off in unexpected ways! I enjoy your style and warm disposition. Keep it up!

  2. I love how your home turned out for christmas! Every detail is so though out, I love the mini banner in your bedroom, and the cookie cutters in the bowl. I passed up a bunch at a consignment store, now I'm wishing I had brought them home, lol πŸ™‚

  3. I love how you decorated! I loved it so much I watched it twice. I decorate a lot like you with vintage finds. My kids talked me into putting up the Christmas village this year (I hadn't for 2 years because we had our 4th baby a few years ago and I needed simple the past few years.) My 14 year old son told me it was his favorite decoration. I didn't realize this. And I never thought about making snowflakes with coffee filters! That would be much easier for my 6 hear old to cut! Thank you for sharing!πŸŽ„

  4. I loved it!!! You have given me lots of ideas for finishing up my Christmas decorating….. Thank you oh and by the way, how is your husband feeling? Hope he is feeling better?….. 😊

  5. Gorgeous! I have something similar on my table. I used it upside down and added some snowglobes, candy canes, and Christmas tree branches. 😊 Hence, love your wooden nativity ornament!

  6. What a gorgeous place yo guys have, i am in love with everything. i just did our hoe tour as well on my channel , very Ralph lauren inspired. any ways have a wonderful season.
    Ramon @ Home


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