DIY Locker Decorations! DECORATING MY LOCKER! How To Locker Organization!


DIY Locker Decorations! DECORATING MY LOCKER! How To Locker Organization! DIY Locker Decor! DIY Locker Organization! Locker Tour!

Hey everyone! In today’s video I’ll be showing you 9 DIY Decor Ideas for decorating your locker! We are going to give a school locker a complete makeover! These are super easy and fun DIY ideas and will make your locker amazing! I hope you all love these locker ideas!

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  1. In most public schools where i live (Australia) we dont really have lockers. you can pay 20 dollars though for a locker which is pretty much an cube just over the height of an a4 sheet of paper. they are plastic and dark swamp green colour. there are different blocks in our schools and there is a locker room in the English block and in the maths block but because they are right near the teachers break rooms we are only allowed to walk through the locker areas if we have one and are going to get something out. we are also only allowed there in the first and last five minutes of lunch. i dont even go to a strict school, this is so annoying :/

  2. For my locker I just put custom paper around the inside some custom shelves and I have pictures posted around it, and I still have room in the center to but my jacket and stuff, I like having a big locker


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