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This video is about how to make DIY RAE DUNN inspired decals for your own house hold items! I show you / mention a few ways you can get the same look for less! Enjoy! And thanks for watching!

…Here’s What you’ll need:

– Cricut® Explore Air™ 2 Special Edition, Martha Stewart Machine Bundle:

– Cricut® Explore Air™ 2, Mint

– Transfer Tape:

– Cricut® Premium Outdoor Glossy Vinyl

– spray paint:

– glossy spray finish:

-White Ceramic Plate:

-Porcelain Serveware Collection:

-Large White Ceramic Bowl:

– Oval Ceramic Platter:

– Large Ceramic Pitcher:

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  1. Last night I was thinking of how to DIY Rae Dunn. Wasn't sure how I'd do it but forgot to check youtube. I just found one of your other pottery barn DIY videos and subscribed. Now I'm at this video & freaking out!!!!! I totally forgot the Rae Dunn thought I had at bed last night lol. I don't own a cricut never found the need for one but I've been really getting into DIY home decor so now I want one. Not sure I can do this without a cricut but I'll try. Thank you for such great videos & inspiration ❤

  2. I’m really enjoying your DIYs however when you say people are buying things up and then up selling these items and “it’s not fair” I totally disagree. This is the American way, it’s called Capitalism, it’s part of what makes America stronger then most countries. If I can buy something and sell it for a profit I’m foolish not to do it. It’s no different then you receiving payment for this video you put up. It takes work for you to upload and record your videos, just like it takes work to find these pieces, purchase them and send them to the new buyer. So again I disagree with your statement it’s not fair. It is fair, it’s smart, it’s business, it’s capitalism and it’s the American way.

  3. What a great idea! I always pass on words I don't want never thinking of doing this. By any chance….. would you consider selling some of the vinyl words or phrases for those of us who don't own a Cricut? I am very interested if you do.

  4. I needed this video!! Thank you I’ve been searching forever for these for my coffee bar! Every time I go to homegoods, tjmaxx, marshalls I always can only find 1 of the 3 I’m looking for! Now I know I can buy a bunch of mismatch and do this diy to them!!!


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