DIY Room Decor – Silhouette LED Wall Art


Not feeling well guys, this is not the video I wanted to put up this week but thank God I edited beforehand so I actually have something to post. I do not want to miss a single week of posting as I promised to be consistent and I have pretty much lost a good set of my subscribers and viewers from posting once every 6 months.

Next week will be another thrift haul and some more diy fixes. Maybe two videos but we will see how I feel.


Continuing on from my last DIY Room Decor Video, I wanted something just representing me in my room as opposed to the usual fairy lights or hanging polaroid decor. I wanted something black and this side profile afro puff sista was lit, don’t mind she is a bit oblong in the head, everyone doesn’t have a perfectly shaped head okay. Having said that , you can make any shape you want *I have to make a unicorn one for my sister now*.

I also feel this would be a perfect night light for little girls or people who are scared of the dark.

I got all of the below supplies from Amazon (no I was not sponsored – Amazon is life though)

The picture hangers:

The LED Strip Lights I Bought:

The LED Strip lights I recommend if you want a remote and different colors:

The connectors for the LED light nd battery pack:

The battery pack:

E6000 Glue

The Spraypaint

Metal file: (i got this from my local hardware store)

I’ll edit this later, I don’t remember and i’m too sick to put on the audio to check.

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