DIY Succulent Plant Wall / Room Decor! | Ashley Nichole


It has been SOO long since I have done a DIY on this channel! I am collaborating with my Friend Sharrah (her channel is linked below) to redecorate our entry way! We created a succulent plant wall and I am sooo happy with how it turned out! If you want to see the finished room go check out her video! Enjoy! – Ash
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  1. Very cute and looks amazing. The only problem I see is watering would be a bit of a pain. Thank goodness succulents don't need much water. I absolutely love succulents as you can tell from my name and channel😆. Thanks for sharing. I have liked and subscribed to your channel.

  2. Super cute Ashley!!! I love plants and I have my own garden and I feel that putting them in your room makes you feel good. I had a bamboo in my room but it died. So when I get my new room I want to get plants again but I have to remember to water them and make sure they don't die. I love your videos and you life hacks and tips ;D

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