Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor / Dollar Tree Rope DIYs


DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse decor on a budget! Room decor DIY Dollar Tree 2019. DIY rope home decor that goes great with farmhouse decor, Rustic decor, Costal decor, BoHo decor and makes great everyday home decor!

🔴Some Rope Dollar Tree DIYs were shown in previous videos & the original video links are here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

✔DIY Dollar Tree Bathroom Basket
✔DIY Dollar Tree Chalkboard
✔DIY Dollar Tree Candlesticks
✔DIY Dollar Tree Home Sign
✔DIY Dollar Tree Mirror (Round)
✔DIY Dollar Tree Mirror (Square)

🔴Walmart Eucalyptus Pick $.50


  1. Lol. I just love watching you. I'm sitting here by myself and every time you say "to hide the ugliness", I just giggle. Hehe 😂 I'm wondering if you can get that same rope like at Home Depot or Lowe's like by the foot or whatever….. 🤔Ya know, rather than having to keep buying it $1 at a time. ESPECIALLY if they are gonna keep dickin us and taking away another inch here and there. Ya know, I'd rather they charge us ten more cents or whatever than to not give us the amount we are used to getting. ESPECIALLY if someone doesn't pay attention to the length and/or amounts of things. It seems like every other day, I see someone ELSE talking about how they just "secretly" just shorten the quantity of what we are getting. They are about getting a little "too big for their britches"! 😘

  2. Have you noticed that the nautical rope is back to 13.5 feet after being reduced to 9 feet but it is slightly thinner than it used to be. Bummer, I guess Dollar Tree has to do whatever it can to keep items at a dollar. This video is great!

  3. Using the pill bottles as candle pillars was so smart! Super impressed because when I saw the thumbnail I was like “wait, DT doesn’t have tall candles!” Very well done. Also I think we have the same wall clock, only mine is in white!

  4. Lovin’ these DIYs. Really cool! Jealous that you can find the eucalyptus at Walmart ours doesn’t have any for under six dollars.-.- I gave up our DT having rope, I went to Amazon. I really love the details you give your pieces. Love the lamp! What a great way to get a new look on a lamp! Really lovin the video, Rope! Thank you for sharing your creativity with rope with us


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