Five Below Home Decor Shopping & Haul! Cute New Finds Summer 2018!


In today’s video I am taking you inside of Five Below. Everything in this store is $5.00 or under. If you love Dollar Tree, you will love five below even more! My daughter Hannah loves this store! They have great gift items if you need to purchase a gift for someone. I also love their home décor section. They always have cute and trendy items in this section. I love all the Boho and farmhouse inspired décor pieces they currently have in stores. I love the cute wall signs and hangings. I love these colorful handmade boho chic rugs! Five below also has a great phone case and screen protector section. They have a great selection of iPhone and Samsung galaxy cases, protectors and accessories. If you have a crafter, check out their craft kits and accessories! They even have a whole wall of slime supplies! I also love the t shirt selection they have. They have cute and funny sayings on them and make great gifts! Five below also has a great selection of seasonal items, party supplies, makeup, bath bombs, school supplies, workout gear, pet supplies, snacks, candy, and lots of other fun stuff! In this video you will also see what I got, which was a really pretty rug and a side accent table I used to decorate my front porch! For more information about five below please visit their website below.


  1. Excellent Video! When visiting my daughter who now lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area, she took me to a FIVE BELOW store within [ I believe] was the grapevine tx outlet mall…ANYWAY, lol, I was in there for nearly 45 minutes…loved it….and then sad because I knew back home in Wisconsin there was not a store at all or if there was, it was at least 3 hours away….but I was just told a new one opened about 40 miles from my house!!! this saturday…im so there!!💖

  2. I found a Five Below (finally!) and I'm definitely going to check it out. I love that rug! I'd also like a couple of those hanging shelves. I had no idea that Five Below had such nice stuff. Your daughter is so cute! I love her expressions!


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