Home Decor/ DIY Project #3


Follow me this week as we tackle certain areas in your that will make a huge impact in your home decor.
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  1. great idea! thanks for sharing! so just wondering…it'll be easy to peel off and won't damage the wall or peel off any paint right? because I'm renting too! and don't want to risk my bond money! 🙂 thanks

  2. I do like this. Brings texture and detail. I'm moving to a new place and have a column square in between the kitchen and living room. Do you think it would look weird with 2 different prints? One o match the kitchen and the other the living room?

  3. working with black and white to start off with is the BEST! WHATEVER YOU DO…DO NOT do the typical POP of red or POP of pink! It's so typical and expected. Instead use dark colors like burgundy, burnt orange or mustard yellow and then you can add bits of glam to the room like glitter, a mini chandelier, and/ or a crystal/ acrylic vases filled with glamourous things. If you're more oof a mellow person use pastel colors to set off the black and white print in your comforter like mint or coral

  4. one more question..my comforters on my bed is black and white zebra print..i wanted to put fabric on the wall right next to the bed..what color will you suggest?(i know not zebra because that will be too much right?

  5. I PROMISE! It will not. The Sta-flo is a starch. So basically it stiffens the fabric to the wall. I owned a home before and did this project to one of the rooms. You just pull it off the wall and you can reuse the fabric you want too. It's like pulling cheap tape off a wall. The adhesive isn't strong enough to pull any paint off. Hope this answers your question.

  6. That's awesome! When I lived in a dorm, I decorated my room so well that the dorm manager told me to leave it the way it was when I left. Your dorm will be envy of the college you'll be attending. TRUST ME….EVERYONE is going to copy your room! I have another project for you to try. Stay tuned for tomorrow!


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