Home Decor Haul- Autumn 2015


Welcome to this Autumn room/home decor video!
I hope you enjoy this video and maybe get DIY inspiration from it?
Instagram- makeupwithmillie24 Can we get to 200 likes?!

I didn’t purchase any Autumnal themed decor but the ‘Autumn’ in the title refers to the monthly home decor haul thats I do!

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Camera- Canon 700D (t5i)
Editing software- Imovie 11


  1. All the decorations are so cute! I love those types of curtains, they are my fave! You should make videos on how you edit things because I have a channel and I am really struggling at the moment on how to make a thumbnail and other things. Please make those types of videos! I'm sure it would b helpful to many people who have a channel and do videos


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