Home Decor Haul! Target, Homegoods, etc.


I’m actually an adult that shops for home decor now!! YAY! Here are some things I picked up for my new apartment from Target (duh), TJ Maxx / Homegoods, Aki Home, and more!

I have never been so excited for a video before! My recently love for home decor has blossomed, and there’s no stopping me now, lol. I got so many cute fake plants, a circle mirror, kitchen necessities and decor, and so much more! Everything is super affordable from Target, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Aki Home, etc. so I highly recommend shopping for those places if you’re lookin for cute things on a budget. Of course I want to buy so many more things, but this is whatI have for now. Enjoy! #AffordableHomeDecor #HomeDecorHaul

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