Home Decor Thrift Store HAUL!! Shopping for the NEW HOUSE!


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We did a fun DIY home decor thrift store haul shopping for our modern farmhouse style new house! Check out some of the cool home decor we got!

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About The Wander Family:
We are the Wander Family! A young family wandering daily. We explore everywhere and vlog everything: proposing in Europe, our wedding vlog, our baby gender reveal, the birth vlog of our baby daughter Juniper, and all the fun family traveling, adventures, and special moments filling the days in between. We love living different lifestyles. We did the van life and traveled North America. We lived in a tiny apartment in the city. We did RV Life and traveled the west coast. We even lived in Hawaii for a month to try the Maui island lifestyle. Now, we live in our dream home fixer upper and DIY remodel and renovate it from top to bottom! While living these different lifestyles, though, we always try to stay happy in the present!

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  1. I'm late anyway Juniper doesn't know the world that much and I do believe kelsey is correct she is sensitive However I also think she feels somehow to responsible little ones I've read pick this up from family only really . Some how they believe they are to be a certain roll in their parents and families lives or so I've read all the time in psychology.These rolls are from family subconscious and totally innocent actually . For instance I got the roll of caregiver in my family and it has it's perks it also has it's problems for me . I understand she is sweet and sensitive though and at your ages I would think only that too. I hope this isn't taken as anything negative I'm sorry if it was*

  2. My family and I are moving in 9 days. I am so happy that we found your channel. I love thrift shopping and look forward to finding some great pieces for our new house. 🙂

  3. Junie has an old soul attitude due to you guys treating her as a child not a baby baby growing up. Never talk to young kids in a baby tone as it will take them longer to form words. She does a great job with her words at the age of 2. Horoscopes are a waste of time. I have tried to follow mine at various times and they don't fit at all.

  4. Kids change so much. My Son was very sensitive and he changed as he got older.
    Going to school and dealing with a lot of different personalities makes you protect
    yourself while still being caring.
    Don’t worry too much as they do adapt better and faster then we do.

  5. I believe horoscope personalities are quite accurate – I'm a capricorn and have all the traits of my sign. i can also see other signs are accurate in people I know.

  6. I think that in some cases those personality traits are true. However, i think that when it comes to evaluating ones self by them the person needs to have done 2 things. First they must have learned to at least like themselves for who they are and second they must have matured past the very early twenties. I have seen to often young people try| to fit into what a sign trait is saying and not allowing it to fit naturally.

  7. That little "slip" is actually a vintage summer dress. I have three of them from when I was a baby (a long, long, time ago.) I have a pink, yellow, and a white one. The stitching on them is so delicate and precous and they are so light and comfortable for hot summer days.

  8. Kelsey, you have just discribed what every parent feels about their child, we all think and feel everything that you have just said and she will be fine and find her place in this world xx

  9. The best thing you can do to prepare Juniper for dealing with difficulties is to not constantly shield her but to help her figure out how to deal with the realities of life. Don't constantly "save" her because you won't always be there to do that. Build her self-esteem by helping her figure out how to solve her own problems.

  10. I am so in love with that little yellow dress and slip!! I can't wait to see June in it!! She's going to look so dang CUTE!! 😊😊
    I'm loving that luttle wooden stool too!! (:
    I really love thrift shops!! You can find amazing things for great deals!!

  11. I don’t feel like my horoscope personality is accurate for me at all. It would be cool if it were but it’s not accurate for any of my family members either. Plus it says my husband and i aren’t compatible. Wtf😑😅
    My 5 yr old sounds a lot like June. To the point that she was very sensitive to music when she was her age…she cried at the end of a baby Einstein video because of the soft music and a horse galloping. It was so cute and sad at the same time.

  12. I'm a pisces. I have a WONDERFUL life. I had great parents, who always talk about life. My dad was in Navy went to 10 different elementary schools
    My mom love nature we spend a lot of time outdoors. She collected rocks shells leaves. In my house I have antique bowls with her shells one for rocks etc I'm 69 now and my parents are gone so these things are special to me. My mom was a story teller. My one thing I tell young people is to have a spiral notebook ask your parents aunts uncle grandparents for family stores.

  13. I understand your concerns a/b protecting June from "life" Kels-but, without heartache and disappointments-they couldn't really understand the beauty of their triumphs,real happiness. If you're always a winner and can't compare those wins to losses-how wonderful can they truly be? If "Love"never breaks your heart-how could falling in love REALLY be experienced?!? Once I realized these things, I stopped hovering so much around our kids and just let them fall so they could learn how to stand. And I think June is going to be fine….she, like our babies-(who are now 38 and 40) will always be protected when it's really needed but until those times come,we just tried to love them ENOUGH to have the courage to grow..and June has that unconditional love in her life too. 🙂
    Fav stores for deals are thread up..target..ALL thrift stores and garage sales in Summers. Much Love! 💛💛

  14. Omg it was so cute when June was doing her little snowman dance all dressed up! And it was so sweet that Corbin did it with her. June is just so adorable. Love you guys! 😊❤️👍🏻

  15. I think that horoscopes are just for fun. Most times, they are a self-fulfilling prophesy kind of thing. If you are into horoscopes, you’re going to try to hard to fit into what the horoscope says you’re like, and by doing that, it’s right. But I think that babies are not born with the specific horoscope personality. I’m technically a Scorpio and I don’t identify with it at all, and I think that’s because I never looked at it, cared about it, or believed in it so I don’t even remotely have the same characteristics that it says I should.

  16. My daughter is the same way when you say it feels like the weight is on her shoulders…she is 6, in kindergarten, and she just has such a huge heart and she is always caring for others feelings over herself! It breaks my heart and we just always remind her to enjoy being a kid!!

  17. A compromise for your curtains would be drop cloth curtains with metal clip hooks. The metal clip hooks for him, the drop cloth for you. It's pretty affordable, there are a lot of YouTube videos on how to make it. It looks really nice and it's only one step.

  18. I’m a cancer mom to my pices daughter and I knew the teenage years were going to be the hardest but I’m so close to my daughter on an emotional level I’m so sensitive and always stand up for her with her emotions and defend her and now I know why! Lol I will always be protecting her because it’s in my blood too! Haha but my new Taurus daughter is going to be a little harder I guess. I raised my Taurus nephew though and we have a close relationship that was above everyone else’s until he turned 14 guess the teenage years don’t look so bright for this mama I’ve never really looked into signs much so this is interesting!

  19. Kelsey, I never took an interest in astrology. I knew I was Scorpion but little else. My daughter was born on Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere, the longest day of the year. We now live in Northern hemisphere so her birthday is on the shortest day of the year. We cant, because of our ignorance, understand what her star sign really is. Can you help?

  20. Kelsey what sign are you? My second daughter to be I just found out is a Taurus and I’m kind of happy with that. Although strong willed Taurus are usually successful stable and are lovers of nature! My girls are going to be quite opposite I can tell lol


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