HUGE Home Decor Haul!


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  1. And, yeahhh, I'm also with Julia on the "vegan concept", that peoplle are really getting sick on not harming the animals, oh not gonna have furrr, coz meat must be eaten and we need to survive, even plants also have life, it's a survival of the fittest life arena though!

  2. This is the first video of you that I see, and I'm subscribing straight away ! I LOVED this video, it's actually the first "decor haul video" that really taught me stuff that I could use for my own decoration 🙂 Especially for my balcony ! I'm going to look at your other videos now 🙂 I'm so glad that I found your channel ! My channel is about cooking, but I'm trying to make Vlogs and I was thinking about making my own Decor Haul, since I've been shopping yesterday and bought lots of stuff 😀

  3. Use white flameless candles in the lantern. It will look beautiful and be safer. I love decorative flowers. Some of them look real. I put mine in Glass vases and get so many compliments. I love the green bathroom rug as well. Home decor is my thing. I love decorating. You have good taste. xo

  4. How did you end up in Switzerland??? Or is that where you've always been?? And how old are you? You do not look old enough to have had a boyfriend for 6+ years, you look around 20-22yrs old. You are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. Lovely video. I really liked the margarita glasses & I'm a huge fan of Ikea. It's so great for basic items around the house. Quick question – what lipstick are you wearing? You look absolutely stunning. 🙂

  6. Ahahaha, you look little the Snow Queen with that white thing over your head and shoulders. Yes, I comment as I'm watching the video, I can't wait till the end 😉

  7. MissChievous – you are a lovely lady, but why all the waffling about your decorating and shopping?? I am sorry, but who cares?? Too many words, too many words! I get bored!

  8. Gosh if that really is the case I’d imagine you'd gasp an ungodly amount. Especially with all these youtube "beauty gurus” & their false mink lashes (ex velour lashes) being so popular.
    Make up products in general (NOTE: I said in general) are not animal friendly.


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