Living Room Apartment Makeover • Laying Out Furniture Tips & Decorating Ideas


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Timber sectional in
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Texa pouf ​in Cream

Embrace chairs in Mercury Blue

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Article Timber sectional
‣ ​

Article Texa pouf ​

Article Embrace chairs

Coffee table

Woven storage ottoman


Floor lamp

Floating kitchen shelves

TV console
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  1. Really nicely done! If it was my space, the only things I might have done differently is all round tables and probably swivel-style chairs in the bay window so you could easily turn to enjoy the city-street view. Does your sister live close to you?

  2. This shows that just organizing a space's layout well will minimize any quirks. It definitely doesn't feel builder grade anymore and all the cool elements shine (the windows, the classic kitchen). And those blue article chairs are swoon worthy <3

  3. Sister goals! 👭 I think it would be cool to see people send in photos/videos of their problem rooms and get your suggestions on how to design around challenges. I’d watch that:)

  4. I like the overall look and vibe a lot. I think those cabinets looked better together like buffet piece. the floating shelves are a nice addition but the level being just slightly different from the bottom of the kitchen cabinets throws off the lines. it would also help to paint the soffits the same color as the walls so they blend in make the room look taller.

  5. Great job!! That apartment is amazing with those windows!! The floating shelves were genius, they look so good! Love grandpa's cabinets spread apart like that, really makes the rooms cohesive. Just curious where the original brown sofa was from…I'm looking for one like that. Thanks!

  6. Please help me with my apartment! I feel so unhappy as I have no idea what to do with the weird layout. I discovered your videos yesterday. You really have a gift!


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