Moving | ep 1. shopping for home decor


Welcome to the 1st episode of moving journal/ my Berkeley project. Still counting the day to move, I’ve been spending most of my time brainstorming, planning layouts and what kind of elements I’d like to bring to this new soon-to-be home. As I move a lot, this time, my objective is making it really “feel” like home, which I never done so far, in my different homes in 3 different countries.

Binge watching home decor and interior design contents; youtube to magazines, I decided to go out and see it for myself, while showing you how amazing SF thrift, vintage and antique stores are!

Antiques, vintages, retro &. those are my elements and what I alway felt connected and loved; from fashion to home. And one of my favorite parts living in San Francisco is here this city got lots of them. So blessed on that part. I will take you to more amazing stores in the future, but today we will make 3 trips, plus beautiful arts in the Mission. Hope you find some inspiration for your home decor.

None of these stores sponsored me. Pure joy and excitement. Enjoy.

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Music by Mona Wonderlick


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