Sewing Studio Tour + DIY Room Decor


Website: www.Tabitha


  1. So you got your sofa at DHP? I've been looking for a sofa that goes into a bed for our spare room that I'm actually turning a corner or half the room that's a nice size my sewing/quilting area. Great job! Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless! 😀

  2. Very nice studio. You Singer machine is not the best in the world. I have three and wish I had not bought them. I recommend Brother but my all time favorite is Bernina, they are the best, pricey but you will have it forever! Many Bernina owners trade in their machine for a newer model when they come out and you can get a great deal on the traded machines. Check with your local dealer.

  3. I wish I could find deals like you did with your $20 mannequin from TJMaxx. The ones I've found are $500-$800!!! There's no way I can afford that!! I'm working on my sewing room as we speak, but I am a beginner and am excited but very intimidated about it. Can't find local sewing classes since we live so far out in the country AND my husband is a 100% disabled veteran, so he can't help me paint or anything with my new room and I wish my family was close so I could get some help. Anyway, where do you suggest I get a mannequin that's more affordable? I'd appreciate any help with your lovely tips. Ty so much!! xo

  4. I missed the whole thing lol but I have some questions for you doll! We are having a sewing meet-up in the 14th at the Beacon I hope you can come! 2. Where did you get the shelving units and the cute notebooks!

  5. Your studio is super chic!! And I thought you had spend a fortune!! I'm going to go shopping in my garage and house for things to pretty up my little space!! I'm on a fabric frenzy taking my grandpa to hancocks for the senior discount!!! Can you do some videos for boys clothing?? Like shorts tees?? I love your style!!


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