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  1. Yes you can make a picture hanger by cutting one out of heavy cardboard or use paper clips or bread tabs which you can hot glue to back of the frame. Instead of constantlybdescribingnsomething as cute you might say I really like this or this was a great find, or this really suits me , just my style, etc. etc. No need to repeat yourself when there are so many. Possibilities.n BTW I really like the plant stand and bird feeder you found.

  2. I want, no, correction, I NEED that 🐦 feeder.. and those ADORABLE frames with the mittens, pine cone, and snow flakes. Too bad he light bluish grey frame didn't come with anything to hang it on the wall.

  3. I could not watch the rest of your video after the pitcher because moving the pieces around the whole time, made me dizzy. If you could show what you bought without moving them the whole time would be a good video to watch.

  4. Please no cleaning stuff it's not fun. 😢😣😩. Been working on my house reno and it's not fun I tell you, but, it's your channel guess bring out the mop and broom, lol. Nice garden table and Pitcher.

  5. stop saying % off it's so annoying most of the stuff you don't even know what it is,you just want to be on YouTube
    it's a million people on YouTube doing the same type of videos, It's nothing new or different


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